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News Flash

Women's World Day of Prayer

The service this year has been prepared by the women of the Bahamas so we can look forward to a colourful presentation with plenty to think and sing about. Everyone is invited to join us at the Emmaus Centre which is the home of the Methodist Church in Harrier Lane (off Marley Lane) on Friday 6th March at 2p.m. See pew sheet for details.

Mothers' Union Lent Lunches at St. Mary's

Thursday 26th February and Thursday 26 March are both hosted by the St Mary's Church Mothers Union in the Benedicta Whistler Centre 12.00 - 2.00pm (not as previously on a Wednesday)!


We are a group of Christians who love meeting visitors to the historic town of Battle in East Sussex.

We always enjoy seeing new friends who wish to worship the Lord Jesus with us and if you come along to one of our services you can be sure of a very warm and friendly welcome. 

We hope our website will give you an idea of what goes on at St Mary's and the Church of the Ascension, Telham from week to week. There are many different activities that you can be involved in. Please browse the pages to find out more or ask a member of the Welcome Team at one of the Sunday services.


Are You A Good Person

How 'good' is good to get into heaven?

Video used by kind permission of Livingwaters.com

Latest Monthly Letter from the Dean

March 2015

Dear Friends,

All this month falls within the season of Lent. It is a time traditionally when people 'give something up', two modern favourites being alcohol and chocolate!

The modern association of Lent with giving something up has its roots in a much broader tradition of spiritual discipline in the period leading up to Easter, to help Christians to focus clearly on their faith and to grow spiritually in readiness for the joyous celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on Easter Day. Christian discipleship involves a conscious decision on the part of us all to follow Jesus in the first place: it involves continuing decisions thereafter to become more like Jesus as we invite the Holy Spirit to transform ever more areas of our lives. The logic behind giving something up is that the process improves our personal discipline which we can use for the good as we decide to become more and more devoted to Jesus.

Taken together, Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection represent the most important event there has ever been in human history – and that there will ever be until, that is, our Lord returns in His glory to judge the earth. It is really a good idea therefore for all of us to take some effort to focus on our relationship with the Saviour. But can I suggest that we might also consider our use of time, when we are thinking about what to give up? For instance, how about giving up 15 minutes of some less important activity each day in order to free up time for Bible study and prayer – both of which are essential ingredients of life if we are going to grow in our knowledge and love of the Lord.

In His great acts of salvation, Jesus has done all that is necessary for us to enjoy full and free forgiveness and the gift of eternal life. Let's use this Lent wisely, to try to draw close to Him.

Yours, in our Lord's service,

John Edmondson


Dean's Letters Archive

These are the Dean's monthly letters that have been archived as Pdf files. To view any, please click on it and it will open in a new window.

March 2015

Breakfast Rota

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Special Events

Mothering Sunday Family Service
Sun Mar 15 @10:00AM -
Mothers Union Lent Lunch
Thu Mar 26 @12:00PM - 02:00PM
Strawberry Tea
Thu Jun 18 @ 2:30PM -